My life game

I scream

at the sunset

my name

to shudder

at the rumble

of my voice.

I laugh

at my life game


on my ashes.

Water colour

Made up with clouds

the sky

throws open a water coloured sun

on the horizon

and an ode of joy

pour from heart.

The day again starts

hoping to live

on the blaze of coloured buds

and I

look at my eyeshadow palette

to fix Nature

on the time’s breaths.

And then all is ended

And then all is ended.

Silence lowers from the terraces,

granny listens no more screams

and is left alone,

in the middle of the empty green,

and of memories;

glory escapes from eyes,

enthusiasm is hauled down with the flags,

crumpled papers burn in the fireplace,

make champions and victories useless.

You continue to be

and still try to live

and love the fresh air

that frees fantasies

and you breath the time

that, unpretentions, makes you a champion.